Nordic Ice Sculpture Competition in Enontekiö (Hetta), Finland

27.02 - 29.02 (09:00 - 12:00)

Internationally renowned ice sculptors are coming to compete and create magnificent ice sculptures in the village of Hetta!

Competition begins on Thursday 27th of February at 9am and it will last until Saturday 29th of February 12am. The prize ceremony starts at 2pm after the competition in Hotel Jussantupa. During the event you can admire the work of ice sculptors as they are crafting the ice. The public votes their favorite piece of art until 15th of March.

Sculpture venues will be located in the village of Hetta. Places are Hotel Jussantupa, J AD Rantakokko, Hetan Majatalo, Lapland Hotel Hetta, Fell Lapland Nature Centre & Kahvila Peura, Paavontalo and Hetan Kota.

The event is organized by the municipality of Enontekiö in cooperation with the entrepreneurs of Hetta. The Nordic Ice Sculpture competition is now held for the fifth time at Enontekiö.

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