Polar Night Photo and Books

11.01 - 13.01 (00:00)

Polar Night is all about the beauty. The marvellous colours of the sky and snow, also northern lights at nights. This magical view has inspired photographers and writers over the years. Now we are inviting you to experience the same in the event held in the small Hetta village in Enontekiö in Finnish Lapland.

Related to the event there is also Polar Night Photography Competition

Photo: Lapin materiaalipankki


Friady 11 January 2019
Discussion of the Polar Night in literature at 6 p.m.
Welcome to have a cup pf tea in a cosy environment. Together we share our experiences of books we have read related to the Polar Night. Discussion in Finnish.
The Library of Enontekiö, Puistomäentie 2, Hetta.

Saturday 12 January 2019
Practical workshop at 1 p.m.
The workshop is lead by rewarded nature photographer Martti Rikkonen. Pictures like paintings, how are those taken? Come to learn some techniques.
Hetta village region, starting point at Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Get together evening at 6p.m.
Let´s have a look to the photos that were taken in workshops.
The anouncement of the winner of Polar Night Photography Competition at 7 p.m.
Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, Peuratie 15, Hetta.

Sunday 13 January.2019
Photoshooting safari by Snowmobiles at 1 p.m.
Take your camera or drone and come to learn with nature photographer Tomi Valo how to catsh the blue moment and the colours of the polar night. The cost of the safari is 40€ per person. Pre enrollment by 7 January to: Minimun attendances 5 persons. You will be given a propper clothing reguired for the safari. The weather conditions might affect how the safari can be done. Any changes due the weather will be informed to the participants. Starting point in Hetta will be announced later.

Free entrance, except the photoshooting safari. There might occur some slight changes to the programme.

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