toukokuu 2, 2019

Suspected contamination of tap water in Kilpisjärvi

Information given 1.5.2019 at 17

It has been confirmed that in the village of Kilpisjärvi tap water is contaminated with bacteria (Escherichia coli) that may cause diseases. All drinking water, and water used for preparing or cooking food, must be boiled for at least five minutes. Water boiled in this manner will be ready for drinking after it cools. Unboiled water can be used for showering if it does not have an unusual colour or odour. You can also wash dishes with unboiled water, but dry them carefully after washing. Please note, that coffeemaker and kettle do not heat the water hot enough.

The authorities and water utility are investigating the matter. More water samples have been taken on the 1st of May and the desinfection of the pipelines is done on the 2nd of May. You may detect the smell of chlorine in the water, but the concentration of chlorine is not danger to health. Despite chlorine a utilization for showering and dishwashing is possible. Even though the water is desinfected, it should be boiled for cooking and drinking until new samples have been taken and analysed. The restriction on the use of water will remain in force for the time being. A separate announcement will be made on the lifting of the restriction.

Clean water supply is on a Fire Station for free. For more information, please ask your local hosts.



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